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Since 1999 Splendente is proud to have earned an excellent reputation for successfully providing experienced, high quality home cleaning services here in San Francisco.  Splendente, in Italian, means shining. From 1986 in Italy till 2023 in San Francisco, Splendente offers 37 years of valuable experience..


Since 2001 Gemiliano Carlini has cleaned my apartment.  He is unfailingly professional, good tempered, thorough, and reliable.  He understands better than I do how to care for art and antiques, and can remove even the most pernicious stains.  He shares my concern for using healthy, natural products, which he provides for himself; I later reimburse him for that expense.  When something is worn out he gives me a gentle nudge that it needs replacing.   Gemiliano is the best.  



Michael Mullin Architect




Gemiliano Carlini ("Jimmy") of Splendente has been cleaning my homes for over 4 years on Nob Hill in San Francisco.  What is unique about Jimmy is that he really knows how to clean - he understands products and what to use for different surfaces and problems.  I never have to tell Jimmy what to do - he is incredibly thorough and goes over every inch of my house.  In fact, he often points out things to me that I didn't notice ... for example, a little mark in the hardwood floor that wasn't there the last time he cleaned.  I have recommended Jimmy to several friends as well as the people who bought our former condo, and they have retained him.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him in the future and cannot imagine living without his services!  


Ellen Takayama


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